Activities and Family Activities in Athens

Greece, birthplace of the Olympic Games, is ideal for participating in a sport or taking part in events or games (sports tourism). In the recent past the country has frequently organized many large sports/athletic events (world championships, Pan-European games, significant international tournaments, etc), with the crowning event being the 2004 Olympic Games that were held in Athens. These sports/athletic events contributed significantly to the construction of many modern large and small sports facilities, stadiums and training centers throughout the country, covering a wide range of sports, where today local residents and visitors to the region are able to exercise or train in their favorite sport: from athletics, soccer, volleyball and basketball to tennis and golf, sailing and surfboards.

Boat Tours in Athens

Boat Tours

Athens is a city, which is famous for its long and interesting history through the ages, as well as for its culture, which combines both traditional and modern characteristics. What is less known...
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Cooking Classes and Workshops in Athens

Cooking Classes and Workshops

There are some good reasons to attend classes & workshops in Athens: You have a lot to offer and maybe you’ll learn something new, too! Laughter and relationship are immensely good for everyone’s...
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Fitness and Gyms in Athens

Fitness and Gyms

Working out is a very important part of having a healthy body. Fitness cetres & Gyms in Athens can be found every troughout the city and they vary from small local gyms to big fitnesses. There you can...
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